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How Roof Problems Can Affect Your Home’s Siding

The roof plays a crucial role in the safety of your home. It protects you and your family from the elements, and it keeps your belongings safe and away from the ravaging effects of bad weather. But, in order to get all these benefits, you need to make sure that your roof is kept in good condition at all times. Every type of roof requires regular upkeep. Failing to ensure proper roof maintenance can lead to severe property damage. One of the elements that can get affected due to roof problems is siding.

The main purpose of a roof is to gather rainwater and direct it towards the gutters and away from the home. Roof problems usually compromise the efficiency of the roofing system, causing issues that can propagate even throughout the entire home. Let’s take roof leaks for instance. If a shingle gets broken or loose, water will seep through the cracks and gaps, making its way towards the attic. Since most roofs are equipped with underlayment materials, the water may be redirected towards the edges of the roof, from where it will seep through the eaves and end up behind the home’s siding.

As you know, most materials used for home exteriors are waterproof. However, since the water comes from the top (edges of the roof), it gets trapped behind the siding and the wall. This will lead to severe moisture problems. Once water gets behind the home’s exterior material, it’s only a matter of time until mold and mildew start to grow.

Another common problem with roofing systems are improperly installed gutters. When gutters and downspouts are not installed correctly, water will pool at the base of the home, creating moisture problems. Water can also seep through the foundation and work its way up towards the siding.

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