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How to Avoid an Extensive Roofing Repair Project

If you want your roof to outlive you, then you need to ensure proper and regular maintenance. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the right roof maintenance techniques. But, there are many contractors that can help you with the task. All you have to do is ask your roofing repair specialist to share some maintenance tips. The way you apply those tips can determine the lifespan of your roofing system.

Roof maintenance objectives

The two most important objectives of roof maintenance are cleaning and checking for damage. Based on your previous observations, you can decide whether to take on small repairs yourself or to hire a professional roofing repair service provider. However, keep in mind that taking on roof repairs on your own can be quite dangerous.

The best time for roof maintenance

For the best results, plan your roofing maintenance task twice a year (once late in the fall and once in early spring). If your region experiences lots of winds, dust, and overall bad weather, you can perform three inspections a year. One very important thing to consider is the weather condition on the inspection day. If it’s pretty wet out there, then you should reschedule it for a drier day. There are two reasons why you should not perform a roof inspection on a wet day. First, you can slip and fall from the roof. No one should take this risk. Second, moss tends to grow on roofs during humid weather conditions. Even if you clean it, the moss will soon start to regrow. So, you should wait until the weather clears up.

How to maintain a roof

The best way to keep a roof in a good condition, and thus, avoid expensive roofing repair services is to clean it regularly. Debris, dirt, leaves, and tree branches can cause or hide severe roofing problems. The easiest way to clean a roof is power washing. The task will not take more than a few hours but will add years to your roofing system.

In case you discover problems while you clean your roof, contact a roofing specialist. KBL Roofing Service is one of the best roofing companies in Westport, CT.

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